hello! I'm Ed and I like to draw | she\her ☁️🌼

・❤・ contact me at this email・❤・

★ about me ★hello I'm Ed, I'm 24 years old artist and illustrator from Israel. I'm the creator of a comic called "the blue witch" which you can read for free on webtoon and tapas. other than that I love drawing fanart, original characters, my ideas and share them on my social media.

★ q & a ★what software & tools do you use for digital art?I draw with clip studio paint pro on a Wacom companion 2 (13hd Cintiq) and the iPad 2018.what brushes do you use?I like switching my brushes pretty often but here are the current ones I usefor sketching and lineart I use piipstachio's G-pen 5 from their Piipstachio's Brushes Catalog.
for coloring, I use the oil paint flat brush and when coloring sketches I use the Opaque watercolor brush, both come with clip studio.
for effects, shadows and lighting I use Yuriky's SU-Cream Pencil.
I will make sure to update them if they do change.can I use your work as icon\harder\wallpaper?yes, just make sure to properly credit me in your profile. you can use my art as wallpaper for your own use without asking me (not for selling options though)can I repost your art?I would prefer if you wouldn't do that and share my art instead, if you do then credit me and don't edit my work.are you open to commissions?yes I am! check out my commissions page for more info

★ commissions info ★
hello at the moment my commissions are open please check TOS to know more details and how to order.
thank you for being interested!

★ commissions prices ★

terms of service (TOS)

please read this before ordering a commissionpayment:

•** only using PayPal** + I will start after full payment, I’m open to paying half before the sketch and half after it.
please don’t pay me until I agree to your commission.
• you won’t get a physical drawing shipped to you, you are getting a digital version only.
I can refuse a commission before starting it.

copyright and usage:

commissions are for personal use only not commercial use! you can’t resell or produce the drawings in any way!
• I have all right to the commission and drawing, you can’t claim it as your own.
• I’ll be posting the commission, if you don’t want me to post it let me know.
• you can print them for yourself in any way (no profit).
• you can use them as icon\harder imiler on your social media with proper credit.
• you can use it to decorate your wallpaper (no profit).
• You can post artwork on any of your social media with proper credit (no profit).
• you can’t take down a signature.
• you can’t copy, edit, trace or change any drawing without my permission.


• you can keep up with commissions progress and waitlist through my Trello, it takes me time to update it but it is usually accurate. do consider I’ll be taking more than one commission, I work on other projects (like my comic) and have my personal life so it might take me time to finish.
• if you need it for a special date (birthdays, holidays or similar) let me know.
• please include as many references as you can, if you want a custom design it would cost more (the same price as an additional character)
• no more than 5 characters per drawing (if you’re interested in more let me know I might be open to doing it).
• you’ll get an update through message when you can ask for any changes mid-commission.
I am open to 5 drawing slots when opening commissions when those are done I would take more orders. I have a waitlist if you want to save a place there (waitlist is according to who came first) when I have a slot opened I will send a message to the next person on the waitlist.


• you may ask for a refund after three months from the day you sent the payment and I didn’t start on the drawing or sent any updates.
• after getting the mid-commission update and not wanting the commission anymore you would receive a half refund.
• I do not refund drawings that are all done.

how to order:

by commissioning me you have agreed to those terms of can fill out this form at the end of the page to help me understand your commission betteryou can order by sending me an email or dm on my socials (Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, it might take me time to notice it but I will be sure to answer as soon as I can).for custom design, please mention it’s a custom design and you can include writings and photos for inspiration.if you have any questions you can DM me on my socials or send an email.

Title “Commission -username-”
Type of commission: bust\half body\full body
(for every character and animal)
details to know about the character: a bit about the character so I would know how to draw them.
Character refs: photos\drawings\writings\poses for the commissions
Background color\detailed: it can be simple free color\blank background or a more detailed background which would cost more.(any photos\visual ref will really help!)

thank you so so much for wanting or being interested in commissioning me! <3